Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dream is a major factor for you to succeed. It is the foundation of success. If the foundation of a building is weak, the structure may collapse when their is a storm. But a solid foundation will make the building to remain standing even when there is a violent storm. Similarly, for you to succeed in life, you need to have a dream. The dream should be based on solid foundation.
So think of what you want to achieve in life, is it a good job, a car or a house? All these are good dreams.
Once your dream is defined, the next step is to visualize your dream. The best way to do this is to get a good picture of your dream and place it in a conspicuous location so that you can see it all the time. Seeing the picture of your dream constantly, provides a reminder for you on the need to actualize it.
Your dream can be actualized when it is converted to a goal.
The steps or procedure for actualizing your dream is your goal. So you can define your goal by writing them down. There is also a need for you to prioritize these steps. Take for example if your dream is to buy a car, your goal would be; 1. Know how much the car cost. 2. Get a source of income 3. Save for the car 4. Buy the car.
It is also good to allot a time frame for the actualization of your dream. The time frame will motivate you to make your dream a reality as quickly as possible.